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The best we have come out with to date! Top of the line, we heard our clients, listened and delivered!
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If you're looking for the tattoo supplies New York, NY tattoo artists depend on for the best results, look no further than Artistic Tattoo Supply. We are a New England-based company providing high-quality products and competitive pricing to artists and distributors across the country. From tubes and cartridges to ink and aftercare lotion, we've got the supplies you need to create beautiful works of art that last a lifetime.

Shop the top-quality tattoo supply Las Vegas, NV artists recommend. Check out our wide selection of products below and be sure to contact us with any questions you might have. Give us a call or fill out our contact form here.

The mags are incredible!  Easily the best or amongst the best I've used

Kevin Barona

Just got these needles and used them on some large pieces and couldn't be more satisfied!!  Really consistent and crisp--I give the an A++!!! Awesome product, I'll definitely be a returning a customer!

Rose from Amazon

Wow so impressed!  Great product, very easy to use


Clean bold lines, but the curved shaders or my favorite. The green tubes are nice and rigid feeling. Very smooth with a rotatory machine.

Aaron Packard

These are great pro quality I need the seller to get in touch withe i am looking for 6 hallow tubes

Randy Cranston

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