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Become an Authorized Artistic Distributor

Welcome to Artistic Tattoo Supply Co. New England's very own Tattoo Professional Supplier. We, currently produce the disposable,
ATS clear tattoo cartridges. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver this product to the market with great benefits.
ATS clear tattoo cartridge system has a great range of options. Artistic Tattoo Supply Co. has simplified the process of tattoo operators
and help boost the productivity of all tattoo artists worldwide.


Artistic Tattoo Supply Co. would like to offer you a great opportunity to expand your business and allow the boosts of sales from more artists.

  1.  Our distribution proposal aims to create more distribution nationwide, and expansion into other countries as well.
    We want to offer our products and technology to a larger range of potential clientele.
  2. Range of current products at this time consists of a large range of disposable cartridges, 87 different sizes and configurations.
    We are currently working on more products, such as an aftercare line, but as of right now, our main focus is the tattoo cartridge.
  3. We have over 30 years in the industry as tattoo artists ourselves. Over 10 years of sales and marketing experience.
  4. We believe in offering our products to a select few large distributors and selling only direct to consumer on our website.
  5. We are currently working on having our own production facilities, to get all products at a rapid pace after ordering.
    We plan to source and market under one roof.
  6. We have a great market advantage in the fact that we are actual tattoo artists.
  7. We offer a great product only after testing, research and developing in our own companies. Gives us an edge on creating customer
    satisfaction, while at a competitive price. Our company and current future products will offer excellent growth and profits for our distributors. Current Distribution: Our first year of production and sales, we were able to test the market, and secure local distribution at a retail supplier in RI.
    They service mostly all of RI, MA, and CT.


  1. You have an existing office set up with great sales along with proper and established marketing.
  2. You already have the market experience in selling in the industry and selling similar products.
  3. You have a large network of customers potentially interested in these types of products.
  4. We are hoping you are interested and willing to establish this mutually beneficial relationship.
  5. You are very familiar with these products and support,

Initial requested investment would be a minimum of 20 boxes per size as a trial run.

What do you get?

Profit Margin

The distributor determines its own selling price. We, then, will adjust our website prices to be sure we do not undercut your price.
Business ownership lies with the distributor. Artistic Tattoo Supply shall be on call to assist and support distributor in any queries from your
network or references.

Branding: Artistic Tattoo Supply Products are to be sold solely under the ARTISTIC TATTOO SUPPLY brand.
We look forward to doing business with you! Lets work!