DC1205RSL - Long Taper - Small area shading - 0.35mm - Round Shader - Long Taper

DC1205RSL - Long Taper - Small area shading - 0.35mm - Round Shader - Long Taper

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-TOP PICK FOR PROFESSIONAL ARTISTS:  Premier, ATS GREEN cartridges enable you to accurately create the most detailed designs and take your skilled craftsmanship to the next level.  Artistic Tattoo Supply's ATS Green Liner cartridges combine both a round and diamond shaped tip which results in stabilization and maximum ink flow.  ATS Green Magnum shader cartridges enable you to accurately shade, blend, and color large areas with less trauma to the skin.  The weaved formation of the needles in the curved magnums, combines with the long taper tip delivers a lot of ink at one time allowing the distribution of color to a sizable area with less passes.

-BROAD ARRAY OF NEEDLE CONFIGURATIONS:  To meet all design requirements, Artistic Tattoo Supply offers over 100 needle configurations.  Choose from round liners and shaders, curved magnums, bugpins, long and medium tapers and lengths.  Needle cartridges have less tension than many on the market allowing higher speeds with less voltage.

-EASY TO USE:  With precise and super thin tips, consistent grouping and flat soldering, you can master any design request.  Semi-transparent tips make it easier to observe the needle striking and judge accuracy.  Color caps make finding the right cartridge trouble free.

-SEALED MEMBRANE AND COMPATIBILITY: Membrane mechanism prevents ink spillage plus protects tube and tattoo machine from back flow.  Cartridges are compatible with all rotary machine grips, and dispoable cartridge grips.

-100% HYGENIC AND SAFE:  ATS Green needle cartridges are manufactured with the highest quality control in the industry and are 100% sterilized by E.O. Gas.  Tips are made from high grade, medical plastic with surgical stainless steel needles.  Each disposable cartridge is individually sealed and boxed in a 20 piece set.