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Tattoo success stories always motivate our professionalism to deliver high-quality tattoo products. From new artists to experienced ones, professional tattoo products are helping every artist to show their skills.

Today we have a success story of a management student who followed his passion of being a tattoo artist using ATS tattoo products. Let’s see how John Wood explains his journey of becoming a famous tattoo artist from a management student.


John Wood — Emerging tattoo artist, California

Converting his passion into a career with professional tattoo products

John Wood is an MBA in sales and marketing. Since his graduation, he has had an interest in art and craft. John used to create beautiful crafts on paper, cardboard, room walls, and wherever he found a suitable place. "I don't know it was a hobby or an inborn talent. As much I remember, I was in the first year of college when I started regularly drawing artworks on my desk, notebook, and even on my room's walls. It became my habit afterward, and I started using color sprays to soothe my drawing enthusiasm." — John said.

John added, "I was just in love with the artworks I used to create, but my parents weren't so happy with that. Mainly, they have common sentences on their tongue like focus on your study, stop wasting your time, these drawings will not make you earn, and much more. Along with my parents, my teachers and friends had the same dialogues for me.” John was doing great with his hobbies and creating heart-soothing designs. However, his parents and teachers wanted him to focus on his management studies and prepare for corporate interviews.

Wood explained that both his parents and teachers were right in their point of view. Although creating artworks was his passion, and he was not ready to leave that at any cost. In vacations, John found a poster of a tattoo artist training camp near his home. He visited the coaching center with a mindset that he will get a chance to explore his skills without any interruptions. John described, "I remember the date. It was the 23rd of March 2014 when I found a poster of a tattoo training camp in the newspaper. I was in the final year of my MBA, and my friends were pursuing marketing classes, but I opted for tattoo classes. In 3 months of training, my trainer introduced me to various tools and excelled me in creating professional tattoos.”

Now John was ready with knowledge and expertise in using professional tattoo products while designing tattoos. All he needed to do was buying tattoo-making equipment to start his career as a tattoo artist. Thus, he started researching the products he needs and where to buy the best tattoo products in California. John explained, "Boom! I was ready with the talent and knowledge to follow my passion. But I still needed professional tools and a place to start my career. I somehow managed a shop on rent and started searching for products online. After a while, I found the website of Artistic Tattoo Supply. Their products were amazing, and so was the pricing. So, I borrowed $100 from my mother and bought 5 products from ATS. My first order was of one round liner, two curved magnums, and two traditional liners.”

In 2018, John initiated a tattoo salon by 'John Artwork' and got a positive response from the clients. Now he is leading a team of professionals and putting a smile on every client's face using professional tattoo products. "Finally! The day come when I was known for my talent and passion in California. As the clients were increasing, I catered a team of 10 tattoo artists and started John Artworks. Since the start, we are getting a positive response from clients and generating the expected productivity. I am regularly ordering quality products from Artistic Tattoo Supply and using them to put a smile on my client’s face.”

In the end, John Wood gave the credit of success to the Tattoo coaching center and ATS. He concluded, "I never thought I would take my passion to entrepreneurship. My tattoo coaching center and ATS hold my back and pushed me towards my passion. Both are an important part of my journey, and I thank them made my journey so beautiful.”

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