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Tattoo success stories are revealing the truth and pros of using professional tattoo products. It really excites us when we see professionals getting a productive solution to their business complications. When it comes to tattoo balm, the exposure of tattoo artworks reaches its level best.

Today we have a story of Megan Rose, running a salon startup for the past few months. Using tattoo balm, she got a solution to unnecessary bleeding, redness, and swelling during the tattoo job.

Let’s explore a single addition that made her come back into the business.


Megan Rose — Owner of a startup tattoo salon, "Petal Salon"

Permanent solution to bleeding, redness, and swelling during the tattoo job

Megan Rose is a young entrepreneur leading a team of tattoo artists at her new salon, "Petal Salon." After completing her training, she decided to serve tattoo enthusiasts with creative tattoo designs and world-class services. Megan said, "After the training, my inside artist refused to do a job and selected to be an entrepreneur. My motive was to offer something creative and unique to the customers. Since April, Petal Salon is taking its baby steps towards creativity and customer satisfaction.”

Megan’s initiative was appreciable, but everything takes time. Customers loved her designs and hospitality at the salon. However, the customers used to complain about excessive bleeding and redness whenever Megan designed a tattoo. Megan was also surprised about what is happening and why her customers are suffering from these complications. “I heard from someone that everything in the universe takes time to be the best. I was literally experiencing that quote while creating tattoo designs for my customers. Whenever I tried to tattoo my customers, I found them complaining about unbearable pain, bleeding, swelling, redness, and much more. I was like – Oh god! What is happening with me! I never thought I would be experiencing these things.” — Megan explained.

“As usual, I was surfing and found a video of how to reduce bleeding during the tattoo jobs. I was too excited to find what I barely needed. In that video, I saw the artist was using some lotions after the job. I watched the video until the end, and the bleeding was honestly lesser than what I see at my salon." She added. One day Megan found a video online about reducing complications during tattoo jobs. She watched the whole video and realized she needs that lotion to generate expected productivity from the business.

After detailed research, Megan got to know about Tattoo balm that relieves pain and reduces complications. She ordered three tattoo balm containers from Artistic Tattoo Supply and received her first delivery on the 21st of July. Megan described, “The thing I was considering lotion, was a balm actually. I read on google the benefits of using tattoo balm as an aftercare product. So, without thinking further, I ordered three tattoo balms with 100% natural ingredients from ATS. I remember 21st of July when I received the first delivery at my salon.”

"And… It really worked! My client hadn't faced redness, bleeding, or itchiness after applying the tattoo balm. He loved my design and praised me for such a comfortable experience. On that day, I was happy like I found a cave full of jewels. Now, I am regularly ordering tattoo balm containers from ATS and soothing my clients' requirements." Megan concluded. Megan shared how she got back in the business with the help of a tattoo balm. Now, her customers are comfortable and happy with her work, and so is she. In the end, she thanked ATS for delivering such an amazing product at an affordable price.

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