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Tattoo Success stories of our customers make us experience how far we took our motive of supplying top-notch products. Since the start, we believe the professional products make you show your creativity and enhance the customer experience.

Our today’s success story just converted our belief into reality. It is a story of a tattoo salon owner who made a come back in the business by switching to professional tattoo products. Enough with the introduction?

Let’s have a deep dive in our today’s success story.


Nixion Barton — Owner of Barton’s (Tattoo Salon)

Getting the brand value back with professional tattoo products

Nixion Barton is a tattoo artist and the CEO of Barton’s (Tattoo Salon) in Dallas. The tattoo artist is leading a team of professionals and design creative tattoos since the start. In a dynamic business world, a business has to face uncertain factors that may cause losses and lack of productivity. So does Nixion Barton was facing! According to Barton, “Everything was just amazing! Me and my team were dedicated to designing heart-soothing tattoos and putting a smile on customer’s face. But, as like every business, a time arrived when we were just an inch away from losing our reputation.”

Barton added, “We decided to switch on local products to cut costs and generate more profits. For a few days, it worked well, and we were happy with our profits. After a week, we started getting complaints about rashes, redness, etc. and that continued. Even though our salon lost a 10-year-old customer because of degradation in our services.” The artist explained how using local products led to customer dissatisfaction and a decrease in the brand value in Dallas. Besides that, they even lost their permanent customer for the past 10 years.

After a loss of $12k in two weeks, Nixion started thinking about what happened to his business and why he is losing the clients day by day. His colleague helped him out from this situation. Jordan explained to him that the salon is losing clients because of changes in products. Also, he told him to buy better products as the local ones do not let him make tattoos properly. Barton describes, “I remember it was 22nd of August 2019, when I sat on my chair and put my hand on the head while thinking about the losing client and business goodwill. Suddenly, Jordan arrived and started saying the problem is not with us, it is with the products we are using. Local products are even not comfortable while creating tattoos and ruins creativity. I was just shocked that how I missed this point.”

Nixion Barton decided to switch from local products to professional tattoo products. At Jordan’s suggestion, he ordered two round liners and a curved magnum as a sample. "Jordan really opened my eyes. Now, I knew what I need to do. I decided to through the local products out from the salon and switch to high-quality products. Jordan again helped by suggesting ATS (Artistic Tattoo Supply). I explored their online store and bought two round lines and one curved magnum as a trial.” — Barton said.

He just brought three products as a trial, but all of them were more productive than his expectations. Barton introduced the products to an artist and guided him to use them with utmost caution. Once the artist finished the job, the customer praised him for his work and was happy, as Barton always wanted. According to Barton, "I was like – Hurray! We are back in the business. After the delivery, I told one of my tattoo artists to use new products but with caution. He did his job very perfectly and made the client smile like we used to do earlier. I never thought that switching to professional equipment will make us more productive than ever before."

At the end of the note, Barton thanked his colleague Jordan and especially the ATS for getting him back to the business. "From my core of heart, I am really thankful to my brother Jordan for such a good suggestion. Also, thank you so much ATS, for delivering high-quality tattoo products at a genuine price. I am using ATS products regularly and getting more than what I used to expect from my salon." — he concluded.

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